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Solved Problems
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The PDF files below are password protected. To open a PDF document, type the following password when prompted:

Password = First word in the name of Equation 3.33 on page 223 of the Third Edition Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices. Note that the password is case sensitive.

Chapter 1
Elementary_Concepts.pdf (74.0K)
Elementary_Crystals.pdf (200.0K)
Ionic_Crystals.pdf (49.0K)
VanderWaals.pdf (51.0K)

Chapter 2
Radiation_Theory_Elect_Fuse.pdf (89.0K)
Strain_Gauge.pdf (53.0K)

Chapter 3
HeNe_Laser_Problem.pdf (104.0K)
Modern_Physics.pdf (60.0K)

Chapter 4
Water_Molecule.pdf (87.0K)
Water_Molecule_Short.pdf (56.0K)

Chapter 5
ReadMe First (35.0K)
Compensation_Solv_Prob.pdf (49.0K)
Elec_Hole_Recombination.pdf (95.0K)
Hall_Effect_Solv_Prob.pdf (45.0K)
Ionization_Solv_Prob.pdf (60.0K)
Piezoresistan_Solv_Prob.pdf (56.0K)

Chapter 6
ReadMe First (35.0K)
BJT_LowFrequencies_SolvProb.pdf (330.0K)
BJT_Nonuniform_Doping.pdf (47.0K)
Design_pnJunction.pdf (262.0K)
Enhancement_MOSFET_SolvProb.pdf (100.0K)
Junction_Field_Effect_Transis.pdf (124.0K)
LED_Emission_Wavelength.pdf (44.0K)
Recombination Current.pdf (83.0K)
pn_Junction_Shockley.pdf (244.0K)

Chapter 7
ElectricFieldCoaxialCable.pdf (57.0K)
PiezoelecSparkGenerator.pdf (69.0K)
PiezoelectricCoefficients.pdf (45.0K)
RelativePermittivIonicCryst-ch07.pdf (46.0K)
StaticElectronicPolriazabil-ch07.pdf (76.0K)

Chapter 8
Diamagnetism_Examples.pdf (36.0K)

Chapter 9
ComplexAbsorption.pdf (60.0K)
Dispersion_Refractive_Index.pdf (59.0K)
Fresnel_Equations_Reflection.pdf (78.0K)

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