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Marketing Applications
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  1. Why are marketers likely to be faced with more ethical dilemmas than members of other functional areas, like finance, accounting, or real estate?

  2. Develop an argument for why a children's toy manufacturer should build and maintain an ethical climate.

  3. A pharmaceutical company gives generously to charities and sponsors cancer awareness programs. It also charges remarkably high prices and receives high margins for life-saving medications, mostly targeted toward elderly consumers. Evaluate this company from an ethical and social responsibility perspective.

  4. A large U.S.-based dog food company is negotiating with a company in Korea to make a new line of organic dog food. The manufacturer wants a high-quality product at a reasonable cost but is concerned that the Korean workers will be underpaid and asked to work long hours in unpleasant conditions. Develop a stakeholder analysis matrix similar to that in Exhibit 3.5 to assess the impact of this decision on the relevant stakeholders.

  5. Based on the dog food manufacturing scenario you developed for Question 4, provide responses to Ethical Decision-Making Metric I from Exhibit 3.6. Provide a rationale for your confidence score for each question.

  6. A company that makes granola and other "healthy" snacks has the following mission statement: "Our goal is to profitably sell good-tasting, healthy products and to better society." Although its products are organic, they also are relatively high in calories. The company gives a small portion of its profits to the United Way. Evaluate the mission statement by using Ethical Decision-Making Metric II from Exhibit 3.8.

  7. The granola company described in the previous question is thinking about starting an advertising campaign directed at children that would air on Saturday morning television. Explain why you think it should or should not do so by using the ethical decision-making metrics in both Exhibits 3.6 and 3.8. Which metric do you find more useful?

  8. A health inspector found some rodent droppings in one batch of granola made by this same company. What should the company do? Base your decision on either of the ethical decision-making metrics in Exhibits 3.6 and 3.8, whichever you prefer.

  9. Choose a company that you believe is particularly socially responsible. Using the Corporate Social Responsibility Framework in Exhibit 3.9, justify your choice.

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