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Promotion—Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

As the GEICO example shows, there are many decisions that a marketing manager must make concerning Promotion, and it is an important part of marketing strategy planning. Marketing managers usually blend a variety of different promotion methods to achieve promotion objectives because each method has its own strengths and limitations. In this chapter we introduce the major promotion options and how to integrate them into an effective whole.

When you finish this chapter, you should be able to:
  1. know the advantages and disadvantages of the promotion methods a marketing manager can use in strategy planning.
  2. understand the integrated marketing communications concept and why firms use a blend of different promotion methods.
  3. understand the importance of promotion objectives.
  4. know how the communication process affects promotion planning.
  5. know how direct-response promotion is helping marketers develop more targeted promotion blends.
  6. understand how customer-initiated interactive communication is different.
  7. know how typical promotion plans are blended to get an extra push from wholesalers and retailers and help from customers in pulling products through the channel.
  8. understand how promotion blends typically vary over the adoption curve and product life cycle.
  9. understand how to determine how much to spend on promotion efforts.
  10. understand important new terms (shown in red).

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