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Self-test Quiz
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A professional salesperson:
A)may negotiate prices or diagnose technical problems when a product doesn't work well.
B)doesn't try to "sell" customers, but rather tries to help them satisfy their needs.
C)is a representative of the whole company.
D)is responsible for feeding back information about customers and competitors.
E)All of these alternatives are correct.
Order-getting salespeople would be required for which one of the following jobs?
A)Helping a buyer plan and install a computer and software for use as a website server.
B)Helping drug retailers figure out better ways to display and promote their products.
C)Seeking orders from supermarket buyers for a new brand of high protein diet supplement that has been added to the company's line.
D)"Helping" an indecisive consumer in a supermarket select the kind of meat she should buy for dinner.
E)Handling a complaint from a furniture store about a shipment that is late.
A good sales manager knows that:
A)order takers usually do very little aggressive selling.
B)order takers can be used by wholesalers--but not by producers.
C)order getters complete almost all sales in our country.
D)whenever possible, order takers should be replaced by order getters.
E)All of these alternatives are correct.
Mark Johnson's business card says he is a "Customer Service Representative" for OceanView Metal Industries--a wholesaler of standardized steel components used in construction. Mark answers customer questions about the firm's products and arranges for routine orders to be sent to the customer's construction site. It appears that Mark is primarily:
A)a missionary salesperson.
B)a technical specialist.
C)an order taker.
D)an order getter.
E)none of these is a good answer.
Gloria Highnote works for CD Wholesale. She helps CD's retailer-customers set up their cooperative advertising, helps train the retailer's salespeople, and gives CD feedback on how sales promotion ideas are working. Gloria is:
A)a technical specialist.
B)a customer service rep.
C)an order getter.
D)an order taker.
E)a missionary salesperson.
Dow Chemical hires science and engineering graduates to explain the advantages of its products--and how to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner--to prospective customers. What type of salesperson is this?
A)Order getter
B)New-account salesperson
C)Order taker
D)Consultative salesperson
E)Technical specialist
Allied Corp. has found that an effective salesperson should call on each account about six times a year and spend about two hours per sales call. Every salesperson works a 40-hour week and takes off two weeks for vacation each year. A salesperson must spend half of the time on travel and administration. Approximately how many salespeople does Allied need to service 500 accounts?
E)There is not enough information to determine the answer.
When customers have questions about a product they've purchased, or problems using it, they can go online to the company's website to search for answers or interact with others with a similar problem. This is an example of:
B)Prospecting with a CRM database.
C)Searching a community support forum.
E)Accessing customer service.
Regarding sales force training,
A)it is rarely necessary to take a successful and experienced sales rep out of the field for a training program.
B)every new sales rep should go through all parts of a firm's training program, so that nothing is missed.
C)training programs should focus on company policies and product information, since sales presentation skills are best learned in the field.
D)selling skills are best learned with interactive web training programs.
E)None of these alternatives is true.
A sales manager's CONTROL over his salespeople:
A)is strongest with order getters who are paid on straight commission.
B)cannot be obtained with combination plans.
C)can be the strongest with a straight salary plan.
D)is small; it's the responsibility of the marketing manager.
E)is not too important if the salespeople regularly meet their sales quotas.

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