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Pay Structure Decisions

After reading this chapter, you should be able to:

LO 11-1 List the main decision areas and concepts in employee compensation management. page 482
LO 11-2 Describe the major administrative tools used to manage employee compensation. page 485
LO 11-3 Explain the importance of competitive labor market and product market forces in compensation decisions. page 495
LO 11-4 Discuss the significance of process issues such as communication in compensation management. page 499
LO 11-5 Describe new developments in the design of pay structures. page 501
LO 11-6 Explain where the United States stands from an international perspective on pay issues. page 504
LO 11-7 Explain the reasons for the controversy over executive pay. page 507
LO 11-8 Describe the regulatory framework for employee compensation. page 509

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