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Management: Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World, 10/e

Thomas S. Bateman, University of Virginia
Scott A. Snell, University of Virginia

ISBN: 0078029333
Copyright year: 2013

MH Connect Management

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Connect Management powered by LearnSmart with Interactives® (ISBN 9780077424602) is McGraw-Hill’s web-based assignment and assessment platform that connects you and your students to the coursework. Interactive Applications provided for each chapter of the textbook allow instructors to assign application-focused interactive activities, engage students to “do” management, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students apply what they’ve learnt and receive immediate feedback. Instructors can customize these activities and monitor student progress. The following 7 types of Interactive Applications were developed based on actual book-specific content:

  1. Video Case – Video Cases have been designed to engage the student through interactive content that goes beyond basic recall and multiple choice. Contrary to the standard videos on the market which provide a passive learning experience, these videos force students to think critically on the fly and apply and practice chapter concepts. With the contribution of Bob Marx, a leader in the field of Organizational Behavior, the authors have developed several video cases that will leave students with memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences with OB concepts and their applications in life and career situations.

  2. Decision Generators apply what the student has learned in the chapter by asking them to make decisions based on chapter content. Feedback will show students if their decision strategy was correct or incorrect and provide support for the answer.

  3. Self-Assessment – Students have the opportunity to take a short self-assessment and then apply the results of their self-assessment to chapter concepts.

  4. Timeline/Sequencing – These interactive applications allow students to place content into a timeline to reinforce key concepts within a chapter.

  5. Drag and Drop – These fun and interactive exercises motivate students to apply concepts within the context of a scenario or case.

  6. Comprehension Case – These cases generate a deeper understanding of the core concepts by applying chapter concepts in an open-ended question format. They are the most difficult interactive applications in Connect and are the only exercises that are manually graded.

  7. Case Analysis – Written by the authors and leaders in the OB field, the case analysis exercise directs students to apply the chapter’s objectives to a real-world based company/individual and determine the best course of action for the company/individual through a series of multiple-choice questions.

LearnSmart ensures your students are learning faster, studying more efficiently, and retaining more knowledge. It pinpoints concepts the student does not understand and maps out a personalized study plan for success. Based on students' self-diagnoses of their proficiency, LearnSmart intelligently provides students with a series of adaptive questions. This provides students with a personalized one-on-one tutor experience.

Connect Plus® Management (ISBN 9780077424589) gives students access to an integrated eBook, allowing for anytime, anywhere access to the textbook. With each homework problem directly mapped to the topic in the book, the student is only one click away from the textbook. The eBook also includes a powerful search function that allows students to quickly scan the entire book for relevant topics.

Management Tenth Edition Small Cover

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