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Entrepreneurial Small Business, 4/e

Jerome A. Katz, Saint Louis University
Richard P. Green II, Texas A&M-San Antonio

ISBN: 0078029422
Copyright year: 2014

Table of Contents

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Part One: Entrepreneurs and Ideas: The Basis of Small Business

Chapter 1:

Small Business: Its Opportunities and Rewards

Chapter 2:

Small Business Entrepreneurs: Characteristics and Competencies

Chapter 3:

Small Business Environment: Managing External Relations

Chapter 4:

Small Business Ideas: Creativity, Opportunity, and Feasibility

Part Two: Small Business Paths & Plans

Chapter 5:

Small Business Entry: Paths to Part-Time Entrepreneurship

Chapter 6:

Small Business Entry: Paths to Full-Time Entrepreneurship

Chapter 7:

Small Business Strategies: Imitation with a Twist

Chapter 8:

Business Plans: Seeing Audiences and Your Business Clearly

Part Three: Marketing in the Small Business

Chapter 9:

Small Business Marketing: Product and Pricing Strategies

Chapter 10:

Small Business Promotion: Capturing the Eyes of Your Market

Chapter 11:

Small Business Distribution and Location

Chapter 12:

Marketing Plans: Saying How You'll Get Sales

Part Four: Cash, Accounting, and Finance in the Small Business

Chapter 13:

Small Business Accounting: Projecting and Evaluating Performance

Chapter 14:

Cash: Lifeblood of the Business

Chapter 15:

Small Business Finance: Using Equity, Debt, and Gifts

Chapter 16:

Assets: Inventory and Operations Management

Chapter 17:

Small Business Protection: Risk Management and Insurance

Part Five: Management and Organization in the Small Business

Chapter 18:

Legal Issues: Recognizing Your Small Business Needs

Chapter 19:

Human Resource Management: Small Business Considerations

Chapter 20:

Achieving Success in the Small Business

Katz 4/e

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