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Crafting and Executing Strategy, 19/e

Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., The University of Alabama
Margaret A. Peteraf, Dartmouth College
John E. Gamble, University of South Alabama
A. J. Strickland lll, The University of Alabama

ISBN: 0078029503
Copyright year: 2014

Resources: Student & Instructor

Connect®Management (ISBN-13: 9780077537005) is available with Thompson 19e. Connect Management is McGraw-Hill's web-based assignment and assessment platform that connects you and your students to the coursework. Interactive Applications provided for each chapter of the textbook allow instructors to assign application-focused interactive activities, engage students to “do” management, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students apply what they've learned and receive immediate feedback. Instructors can customize these activities and monitor student progress. To order Connect in a bundle with the book, order (ISBN-13: 9780077802004) Connect Management includes:

•  Interactive Applications provided for each chapter of the textbook allow students to “do” management, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students receive immediate feedback and can track their progress in their own report. The following types of Interactive Applications are book-specific and developed specifically for Thompson 19e:

•  Case Analysis - presents a short original case to students that they must use to answer multiple-choice questions applying their knowledge of the text's content to the case.

•  Comprehension Case - are designed to reinforce comprehension and application of key chapter concepts within the context of a case. Critical-thinking questions that bridge the content from the case to the mastery of chapter concepts are included.


The Online Learning Center (OLC) at was designed specifically for use with the Thompson text. The website provides students with basic information and study resources to accompany the material in their text. The Instructor OLC includes:

    • Instructor's Manual is prepared by the textbook authors and contains a section on suggestions for organizing and structuring your course, sample syllabi and course outlines (including those with and without use of an accompanying strategy simulation), a set of lecture notes on each chapter, a copy of the test bank, and some of the most comprehensive case teaching notes available with any strategy textbook.
    • PowerPoint Slides To facilitate delivery preparation of your lectures and to serve as chapter outlines, you'll have access to approximately 500 colorful and professional-looking slides displaying core concepts, analytical procedures, key points, and all the figures in the text chapters.
    • Test Bank It is being prepared in close collaboration with the textbook authors containing over 900 multiple choice questions and short-answer/essay questions.
    • EZ Test, a computerized version of the test bank, is a flexible and easy-to-use electronic testing program allowing instructors to create multiple versions of tests from book-specific items with a wide range of question types, including adding their own. And any test can be exported for use with course management systems. The program is available for Windows and Macintosh environments.


Videos on DVD (ISBN-13: 9780077537067) This edition is supported by a comprehensive video DVD that contains and estimate of 20 clips supporting the case materials, and new to this edition the concepts portion of this text.


Strategy Simulations: The Business Strategy Game & GLO-BUS are Fun, Easy and Effective. Both BSG & GLO-BUS empower students to design a strategy aimed at winning a competitive advantage for their company in head-to-head competition against companies run by their classmates. Students apply textbook and lecture concepts while battling for market share and industry leadership. Both simulations are global in nature and have conceptually-strong Assurance of Learning Reports that can be used to support accreditation by such bodies as the AACSB and ACBSP. For more information, a virtual tour, or to sign up for live demo with the simulation authors, please visit


•  The Business Strategy Game (BSG) is McGraw-Hill Irwin's online strategy simulation modeled around the athletic footwear industry. Students' strategy and decision-making skills are put to the test as they develop business plans and compete against each other for market share. In BSG, production occurs in multiple plants, there are 12 market segments, inventory must be managed at 4 distribution centers, and players work to develop a sales forecast based on their competitive strategy while always keeping their rivals in mind. BSG is a contemporary high-tech strategy simulation students readily identify with and understand. Please visit: to learn more.


•  GLO-BUS is McGraw-Hill/Irwin's online strategy simulation modeled around the digital camera industry. Students' strategy- and decision-making skills are put to the test as they develop business plans and compete against each other for market share. GLO-BUS is less complex than McGraw-Hill/Irwin's Business Strategy Game (BSG). In GLO-BUS, production occurs in a single plant, there are 8 market segments, there is no inventory to manage since cameras are built-to-order and shipped, and sales forecasting is simpler. There are also less decision variables, which allow instructors the flexibility to incorporate more cases into the class. GLO-BUS is a contemporary high-tech strategy simulation students readily identify with and understand. Please visit: to learn more.


Course Cartridge/ Online Learning Center Content (included in the price of the textbook) Organized chapter by chapter, the online content is designed to reinforce and build on the text content. Students can access the Chapter Quizzes (Concept-Tutor), Chapter Key Points, PowerPoint Presentation, Chapter PowerPoint slides, selected video clips and Guide to Case Analysis. These online resources can be delivered multiple ways—professors and students can access them directly through the textbook website at, through PageOut, or within a course management system (i.e. WebCT, Blackboard, D2L, eCollege).


Tegrity Campus is a service that makes class time available all the time by automatically capturing every lecture in a searchable format for students to review when they study and complete assignments. With a simple one-click start and stop process, you capture all computer screens and corresponding audio. Students can replay any part of any class with easy-to-use browser-based viewing on a PC or Mac. Tegrity Campus is available stand-alone or within Connect.


Blackboard® Partnership McGraw-Hill and Blackboard have teamed up to simplify your life. Now you and your students can access Connect and Create right from within your Blackboard course – all with one single sign-on. The grade books are seamless, so when a student completes an integrated Connect assignment, the grade for that assignment automatically (and instantly) feeds your Blackboard grade center. Learn more at


MHCampus TM: McGraw-Hill Campus™ is a new one-stop teaching and learning experience available to users of any learning management system. This institutional service allows faculty and students to enjoy single sign-on (SSO) access to all McGraw-Hill Higher Education materials, including the award winning McGraw-Hill Connect platform, from directly within the institution's website.  McGraw-Hill Campus™ provides faculty with instant access to all McGraw-Hill Higher Education teaching materials (e.g. eTextbooks, test banks, PowerPoint slides, animations and learning objects, etc), allowing them to browse, Search, and use any instructor ancillary content in our vast library at no additional cost to instructor or students.  Students enjoy SSO access to a variety of free (e.g. quizzes, flash cards, narrated presentations…etc.) and subscription based products (e.g. McGraw-Hill Connect).  With this program enabled, faculty and students will never need to create another account to access McGraw-Hill products and services. Learn more at


Assurance of Learning Ready

Many educational institutions today are focused on the notion of assurance of learning , an important element of some accreditation standards. Management is designed specifically to support your assurance of learning initiatives with a simple, yet powerful solution. Each test bank question for Management maps to a specific chapter learning outcome/objective listed in the text. You can use our test bank software, EZ Test and EZ Test Online, or in Connect Management to easily query for learning outcomes/objectives that directly relate to the learning objectives for your course. You can then use the reporting features of EZ Test to aggregate student results in similar fashion, making the collection and presentation of assurance of learning data simple and easy.


AACSB Statement

The McGraw-Hill Companies is a proud corporate member of AACSB International. Understanding the importance and value of AACSB accreditation, this text recognizes the curricula guidelines detailed in the AACSB standards for business accreditation by connecting selected questions in the test bank to the six general knowledge and skill guidelines in the AACSB standards.

The statements contained in this text are provided only as a guide for the users of this textbook. The AACSB leaves content coverage and assessment within the purview of individual schools, the mission of the school, and the faculty. While Management and the teaching package make no claim of any specific AACSB qualification or evaluation, we have within Management, labeled selected questions according to the six general knowledge and skills areas.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.