Crafting & Executing Strategy
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Crafting and Executing Strategy, 19/e

Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., The University of Alabama
Margaret A. Peteraf, Dartmouth College
John E. Gamble, University of South Alabama
A. J. Strickland lll, The University of Alabama

ISBN: 0078029503
Copyright year: 2014



  • Compete to win—crafting and executing strategy is fun!
    BSG and GLO-BUS offer more learning power than the traditional text-case model. Students become emotionally involved as their competitive juices are sure to be stirred in a head-to-head competitive battle for market share and industry leadership. Students design a strategy that results in a competitive advantage for their company and competes against the companies of classmates and students around the globe.


  • Two simulations you can trust!
    Tech support guaranteed. All tech issues are handled promptly by members of the author team.
  • Less time spent grading.
    Both BSG and GLO-BUS have built-in grading features—much better than having to personally grade a written case or essay exam.
  • Time saver for professors.
    Setting up the simulation is done online and takes 10 to 15 minutes; there are no other administrative actions required and no disks to fool with.
  • The world’s leading strategy simulation.
    It is played by more than 450,000 students at 500 schools worldwide and growing rapidly.
  • Tight connection with all strategy textbooks
    BSG and Glo-Bus are the only two simulations where a senior member of the simulation author team is also a leading strategy textbook author.
  • A versatile program that works for undergraduate and graduate students.
    BSG and GLO-BUS are user friendly, easy to administer, and are accessible anywhere Internet is available. And similar menu controls allow for easy transition between both simulations.


  • A powerful way for students to learn how to apply and use core concepts covered in the text chapters.
    More and more professors who teach strategy courses are finding that simulations are every bit as effective as case analysis in providing students with a means of applying what they have read about in the text chapters.
  • Students are assigned a senior executive role
    Students’ strategy-making and decision making skills are put to the test. In this learn-by-doing exercise, students gain hands-on experience in crafting a competitive strategy and in making decisions relating to relating to product quality, production, work force compensation and training, pricing and marketing, and financing of company operations.
  • Assurance of Learning.
    Wonder how well your students perform globally, or perform against accreditation standards? A Learning Assurance Report is automatically produced and displays how well each student performed relative to all other students worldwide.

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