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Assurance of Learning Exercise
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  1. Prepare a brief analysis of the coffee industry using the information provided on the industry trade association websites. Of the list of macro-economic factors found in Table 3.1, which do you think might be strategically relevant for this industry? On the basis of information provided on the trade association websites, draw a five forces diagram for this industry and briefly discuss the nature and strength of each of the five competitive forces. What factors are driving change in the industry?
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  1. Based on the strategic group map in Illustration Capsule 3.1, who are Yuengling & Sons’s closest competitors? Between which two strategic groups is competition the strongest? Why do you think no beer producers are positioned in the lower left corner of the map? Which company / strategic group faces the weakest competition from the members of other strategic groups?
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  1. The Snack Food Association publishes an annual State of the Industry report that can be found at Based on information in the latest State of the Industry report, does it appear that the economic characteristics of the industry will present industry participants with attractive opportunities for growth and profitability? Explain.

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