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Fundamentals of Investment Management, 10/e

Geoffrey A. Hirt, DePaul University
Stanley B. Block, Texas Christian University

ISBN: 0078034620
Copyright year: 2012


Fundamentals of Investment Management 10/e by Hirt and Block establishes the appropriate theoretical base of investments, while at the same time applying this theory to real-world examples. Students will be able to translate what they have learned in the course to actual participation in the financial markets. The textbook provides students with a survey of the important areas of investments: valuation, the marketplace, fixed income instruments and markets, equity instruments and markets, derivative instruments, and a cross-section of special topics, such as international markets and mutual funds.

Fundamentals is written for an undergraduate investments course, and is especially appealing to programs that want to provide a theoretical base in investments while at the same time teach students how to apply what they have learned in the course to real-world financial markets. This book is also an ideal fit for schools with a student managed investment fund.

The authors approach financial analysis the way it is done by many Wall Street firms. Geoff Hirt directed the CFA program for the Investment Analysts Society of Chicago (now the CFA Institute of Chicago) for 15 years and sat on the board of directors from 2002 to 2005. Stan Block has been a practicing CFA for over 20 years. Both professors have taught and advised student managed investment funds at their universities and bring this wealth of learning experiences to the students who study from this text. The authors are user friendly, but make no concessions to the importance of covering the latest and most important material for the student of investments.

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