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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The ingredients of arrest include all of the following except
The due process clause is found in which Amendment of the Bill of Rights?
A)First Amendment.
B)Fourth Amendment.
C)Fifth Amendment.
D)Tenth Amendment.
Which of the following protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures?
A)First Amendment.
B)Fifth Amendment.
C)Eighth Amendment.
D)Fourth Amendment.
Suspicion plus facts and circumstances which would lead a reasonable person, exercising ordinary caution, under the same circumstances to believe that a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed is a definition of
A)in-presence arrest.
B)probable cause.
C)investigative detention.
D)the requirements of an arrest warrant.
Which of the following is not an exception to the legal requirement of having a warrant to conduct a search and seizure?
A)with consent.
B)incident to an unlawful arrest.
C)when exigent circumstances exist.
D)to conduct an inventory.
Which Supreme Court Case established the "moveable vehicle" rule?
A)Carroll v. United States.
B)Chambers v. Maroney.
C)Maryland v. Dyson.
D)Chimel v. California.
According to the courts, any new evidence seized resulting from unreasonably seized evidence is also tainted and is not admissible in court. This is based on the
A)bad evidence doctrine.
B)fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine.
C)illegal seizure doctrine.
D)unreasonable search doctrine.

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