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Global Business Today, 8/e

Charles W. L. Hill, University of Washington

ISBN: 0078112621
Copyright year: 2014



The Online Learning Center (OLC) ( is a one-stop place for several key instructor aids, as well as student resources to make more effective supplementary assignments. A password-protected portion of the book’s website will be available to adopters of Global Business Today.  The OLC includes:

Instructor’s Manual: Prepared by Veronica Horton, this manual contains course outlines, chapter teaching resources, including chapter overviews and outlines, teaching suggestions, chapter objectives, teaching suggestions for opening cases, lecture outlines, answers to critical discussion questions, teaching suggestions for the Closing Case, and two student activities (some with Internet components); and expanded video notes with discussion questions for each video. The answers to globalEDGE research tasks will also be included here.

Test Bank: Approximately 100 true-false, multiple-choice, and essay questions per chapter are included in the test bank. We’ve aligned our Test Bank questions with Bloom’s Taxonomy and AACSB guidelines, tagging each question according to its knowledge and skill areas. Each Test Bank question for Global Business Today also maps to a specific chapter learning objective listed in the text. You can use our Test Bank software, EZ Test, to easily query for learning objectives that directly relate to the learning objectives for your course. You can use the reporting features of EZ Test to aggregate student results in a similar fashion, making the collection and presentation of assurance-of-learning data quick and easy.

PowerPoint®: Re-created for this edition by Veronica Horton, the PowerPoint program consists of one set of slides for every chapter, featuring original materials not found in the text in addition to reproductions and illuminations of key text figures, tables, and maps. Quiz questions to keep students on their toes during classroom presentations are also included, along with instructor notes.

Connect International Business is McGraw-Hill’s web-based assignment and assessment platform that connects you and your students to the coursework. Interactive Applications provided specifically for each chapter of this textbook allow instructors to assign customizable, application-focused interactive activities that engage students to “do” international business, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students apply what they’ve learned and receive immediate feedback, and can track their progress in their own report. Detailed results let instructors see at a glance how each student performs and easily track the progress of every student in their course.

New IB Newsletter!—International Business Monthly: Delivered to adopters’ inbox on a monthly basis, this newsletter helps instructors reduce their prep time involved in keeping their course up to date and engaging for students. The newsletter highlights current hot topics, offers suggestions for interesting video clips, offers insight into interesting international companies, and provides information on other countries’ cultures, etiquette, and traditions. All are supported by teaching tips and discussion questions, and chapter key, so that instructors can quickly link the materials to their course.

International Business Video Program: McGraw-Hill/Irwin offers the most comprehensive, diverse, and current video support for the International Business classroom. Adopters will receive a DVD, monthly video suggestions with teaching tips delivered via our International Business Monthly newsletter, assignable Video Case scenarios in Connect International Business, and Animated Video Cases to support their lecture.

Additionally, instructors have access to Manager’s Hot Seat. This interactive, video-based application puts students in the manager’s hot seat, builds critical thinking and decision-making skills, and allows students to apply concepts to real managerial challenges. Students watch as real managers apply their years of experience when confronting unscripted issues globalization, intercultural communication, and more.

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Online Learning Center (OLC) is a Web site that follows the text chapter-by-chapter. Self-grading quizzes, review material, and interactive exercises supplement student learning. 

Business Around the World: Located on the OLC, this interactive map lets students conduct research on how business is taking place in any number of various countries and regions. Direct links to local newspapers brings the world a little closer for students.


Connect Plus International Business (ISBN: 9780077512293): Gives students an integrated experience of accessing all their assignments plus Interactive Applications, and more in an environment that allows them instant access to a media-rich eBook anytime, anywhere.  With each homework problem directly mapped to the topic in the book, the student is only one click away from the textbook. The eBook also includes a powerful search function that allows students to quickly scan the entire book for relevant topics. To order Connect Plus in a bundle with the print textbook, order ISBN: 9780077801922. Connect Plus is also available as a stand-alone access card, available for bookstore purchase or directly online.

Connect International Business (ISBN: 9780077512279): Provides all the same great resources, without the integrated eBook, for those students who would like to only rely on their print textbook.

Binder Ready Loose-Leaf Text (ISBN: 9780077512316): This full featured text is provided as an option to the price sensitive student. It is a full 4-color text that’s three whole punched and made available at a discount to students. Also available in a package with Connect Plus ISBN: 978007713188.

CourseSmart eBook (ISBN: 9780077512262): Students can save money and obtain online access to their textbook, anywhere, anytime, or choose to download a copy of the text to their computers’ hard drives. Students can take advantage of a smarter way to learn with search capabilities, highlighting and note taking features, and more.  The CourseSmart e-book is compatible with many mobile devices, including the new Apple iPad.

CREATE, our Custom Textbook Option: Craft your teaching resources to match the way you teach!  With McGraw-Hill Create,, you can easily rearrange chapters, combine material from other content sources, and quickly upload content you have written, like your course syllabus or teaching notes.  Find the content you need in Create by searching through thousands of leading McGraw-Hill textbooks.  Arrange your book to fit your teaching style.  Create even allows you to personalize your book’s appearance by selecting the cover and adding your name, school, and course information.  Order a Create book and you’ll receive a complimentary print review copy in 3–5 business days or a complimentary electronic review copy (eComp) via email in about one hour.  Go to today and register.  Experience how McGraw-Hill Create empowers you to teach your students your way.


Connect International Business ISBN: 9780077512279 is McGraw-Hill’s Web-based assignment and assessment platform that gives students the means to better connect with their coursework, with their instructors, and with the important concepts that they will need to know for success now and in the future. With Connect International Business, instructors can deliver assignments, quizzes, and tests easily online. Connect for Global Business Today includes:

  • Interactive Applications are available for each chapter of the textbook and allow students to apply concepts from the book to a video case, make business decisions based on specific scenarios/cases from real world companies, analyze a case and apply chapter concepts, demonstrate problem solving skills through complex examples and diagrams, and demonstrate knowledge about business models and processes.  Students receive immediate feedback and can track their progress in their own report. Detailed results let instructors see at a glance how each student performs and easily track the progress of every student in their course.

Connect PLUS ISBN: 9780077512293 provides all the same great resources in Connect International Business, PLUS it gives students access to an integrated eBook, allowing for anytime, anywhere access to the textbook.  With each assignment directly mapped to the topic in the book, the student is only one click away from the textbook. The eBook also includes a powerful search function that allows students to quickly scan the entire book for relevant topics. When you adopt Connect with a print textbook, students receive Connect PLUS (with the integrated eBook) at a nominal cost.  To order Connect Plus in a bundle with the print textbook, order ISBN: 9780077801922.

Online Learning Center –  

The Online Learning Center is designed to be a study resource for students and houses additional downloadable supplements and teaching information for professors and activities for students.

Tegrity Campus:

Tegrity Campus allows you to record your lectures, saving you time and serving as a teaching assistant 24/7. There is no special hardware or IT required, and with a simple one click recording in your desktop tray you’re ready to record. After selecting the icon, you now deliver your presentation as you always would. Click through your slides, visit websites, explore spreadsheets, show video, etc. and everything on your screen is captured along with the audio recording from your computer microphone or a microphone you may have clipped to the collar of your shirt. After your lecture, there is a simple upload into Tegrity or Connect for quick and easy student access. 

For more information about Tegrity, simply visit the following website

Blackboard Partnership: McGraw-Hill and Blackboard have teamed up to simplify your life.  Now you and your students can access Connect and Create right from within your Blackboard course – all with one single sign-on.  The gradebooks are seamless, so when a student completes an integrated Connect assignment, the grade for that assignment automatically (and instantly) feeds your Blackboard grade center.  Learn more at

MHCampusTM: McGraw-Hill Campus™ is a new one-stop teaching and learning experience available to users of any learning management system. This institutional service allows faculty and students to enjoy single sign-on (SSO) access to all McGraw-Hill Higher Education materials, including the award winning McGraw-Hill Connect™ platform, from directly within the institution’s website.  McGraw-Hill Campus™ provides faculty with instant access to all McGraw-Hill Higher Education teaching materials (e.g. eTextbooks, test banks, PowerPoint slides, animations and learning objects, etc), allowing them to browse, Search, and use any instructor ancillary content in our vast library at no additional cost to instructor or students.  Students enjoy SSO access to a variety of free (e.g. quizzes, flash cards, narrated presentations…etc.) and subscription based products (e.g. McGraw-Hill Connect™).  With this program enabled, faculty and students will never need to create another account to access McGraw-Hill products and services. Learn more at

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.