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Table of Contents

Strategic Management, Concepts and Cases

Frank T. Rothaermel, Georgia Institute of Technology

ISBN: 0078112737
Copyright year: 2013

Table of Contents

Part One: Strategy Analysis

Chapter 1 What Is Strategy and Why Is It Important?

Chapter 2 The Strategic Management Process

Chapter 3 External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups

Chapter 4 Internal Analysis: Resources, Capabilities, and Activities

Chapter 5 Competitive Advantage and Firm Performance

Part Two: Strategy Formulation

Chapter 6 Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Integration

Chapter 7 Business Strategy: Innovation and Strategic Entrepreneurship

Chapter 8 Corporate Strategy: Vertical Integration and Diversification

Chapter 9 Corporate Strategy: Acquisitions, Alliances, and Networks

Chapter 10 Global Strategy: Competing Around the World

Part Three: Strategy Implementation

Chapter 11 Organizational Design: Structure, Culture, and Control

Chapter 12 Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, and Strategic Leadership


MINICASE 1 Michael Phelps: Strategizing for Gold

MINICASE 2 Strategy and Serendipity: A Billion-Dollar Bonanza

MINICASE 3 The Home Depot’s Eco Options Boost Profit Margins

MINICASE 4 Starbucks: Re-creating Its Uniqueness

MINICASE 5 GE under Jack Welch vs. Jeffrey Immelt

MINICASE 6 JetBlue: Losing the Magic Touch?

MINICASE 7 Which Automotive Technology Will Win?

MINICASE 8 Core Competencies: From Circuit City to CarMax

MINICASE 9 P&G’s New Corporate Strategy: “Connect+Develop”

MINICASE 10 The Wonder from Sweden: Is IKEA’s Success Sustainable?

MINICASE 11 Sony’s Silos Prevent Collaboration Across Divisions

MINICASE 12 PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi: “Performance with a Purpose”

Part Five: Cases

(Cases marked with a ♦ were authored or co-authored specifically for this book by Frank T. Rothaermel.)

How to Conduct a Case Analysis

CASE 1 Robin Hood

CASE 2 The Movie Industry (A) in 2008

CASE 3 The Movie Industry (B) in 2011

♦ CASE 4 Better World Books: Social Entrepreneurship and the Triple Bottom Line

♦ CASE 5 Tesla Motors and the U.S. Auto Industry (A)

♦ CASE 6 Tesla Motors and the U.S. Auto Industry (B)

CASE 7 Rogers’ Chocolates

♦ CASE 8 Numenta: The Age of Truly Intelligent Machines?

CASE 9 GEOX: Breathing Innovation into Shoes

♦ CASE 10 InterfaceRAISE: Raising the Bar in Sustainability Consulting

CASE 11 Netflix*

♦ CASE 12 Best Buy after Circuit City: What’s Next?

CASE 13 JetBlue Airways: Managing Growth*

♦ CASE 14 Bank of America and the New Financial Landscape

CASE 15 DeBeers’s Diamond Dilemma

♦ CASE 16 IBM and the Emerging Cloud-Computing Industry

♦ CASE 17 Merck: Open for Innovation?

CASE 18 Lego Group: An Outsourcing Journey

♦ CASE 19 healthymagination at GE

♦ CASE 20 Siemens Energy: How to Engineer a Green Future?

♦ CASE 21 Infosys Consulting in the U.S.: What to Do Now?

CASE 22 Cemex: The Southdown Offer

CASE 23 Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2006*

CASE 24 Cola Wars in China: The Future Is Here

CASE 25 Embraer: Shaking Up the Aircraft Manufacturing Market

♦ CASE 26 UPS in India: A Package Deal?

♦ CASE 27 Genentech: After the Acquisition by Roche

CASE 28 Corporate Governance in Three Economies: Germany, Japan, and the United States

CASE 29 United Technologies Corporation: Running a Global Ethics and Compliance Program

♦ CASE 30 Byte into an Apple

* Harvard Business School Premier Case Collection

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