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Discussion Questions
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  1. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have an impact far beyond their firm boundaries. Assume you are working for a small firm that supplies a product or service to an MNE. How might your relationship change as the MNE moves from Globalization 2.0 to Globalization 3.0 operations?

  2. Think about the last movie you saw in a movie theater. What aspects of the movie had international components in it (e.g., the plot line, locations, cast, and so on)? Are there more international elements included than compared to your favorite movie from a decade ago?

  3. "Licensing patented technology to a foreign competitor is likely to reduce or eliminate the firm's competitive advantage." True or false? Write a paragraph discussing this statement.

  4. Consider the city/region in which your university is located. Given the discussions in the chapter about location economies, what characteristics are unusual about your location? Do you have nearby industrial regional clusters? Access to abundant (or cheap) raw materials of some sort? University research of interest to local firms?

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