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Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a firm's investment in _________ abroad.
A)Political funds
C)Emerging economies
D)Value-chain activities
Global strategy is a firm's strategy to gain ________ when competing against foreign companies around the world.
A)competitive advantage
B)home based market
C)high quality labor
D)shareholder value
Globalization 1.0 in Strategy Highlight 10.1 is similar to which one of the following strategies?
A)international strategy
B)global standardization strategy
C)transnational strategy
D)localization strategy
Why might going global be necessary to achieve growth in smaller economies, such as South Korea?
A)High intensity of local competition
B)Limited domestic market
C)Abundant local suppliers
D)Plentiful natural resources
The major benefit of having established national institutions is _____________.
A)Reduced uncertainty and cost
B)Higher entry barrier
C)Cultural compatibility
D)Less competitive dynamics
Which of the following modes of entering a foreign market has the highest level of investment and control?
When a firm faces low pressure for local responsiveness and high pressure for cost reduction, it is likely to adopt a _________.
A)International strategy
B)Localization strategy
C)Global Standardization strategy
D)Transnational strategy
Harley Davidson offers similar products in many different global markets by using a(n) ____________.
A)International strategy
B)Localization strategy
C)Global standardization strategy
D)Transnational strategy
Japan, due to a lack of undeveloped land, would be an unusual choice of location for a U.S. cattle company to set up local grazing operations. This limiting factor would be identified in what part of Porter's determinants of national advantage?
A)Factor condition
B)Demand condition
C)Supporting industry
D)Firm strategy and structure
A ________ is a group of interconnected companies and institutions in a specific industry, located near each other and otherwise linked by common characteristics.
A)National institution
B)National culture
C)Regional cluster
D)National competitive advantage

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