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Assurance of Learning Exercise
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  1. Prepare a brief analysis of the snack food industry using the information provided on industry trade association Web sites. Based upon information provided on the Web sites of these associations, draw a five-forces diagram for the snack food industry and briefly discuss the nature and strength of each of the five competitive forces. What driving forces of change are taking shape in the industry?
  2. Based on the strategic group map in Concepts & Connections 3.1, who are Toyota's closest competitors? Between which two strategic groups is competition the strongest? Why do you think no automobile manufacturers are positioned in the upper right corner of the map? Which company/strategic group faces the weakest competition from the members of other strategic groups?
  3. Using the information provided in Table 3.3 and your knowledge as a casual dining patron, what are the key success factors for restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse or Carrabba's Italian Grill? Your list should contain no more than six industry key success factors. In deciding on your list, it's important to distinguish between factors critical to success in the industry and factors that enhance a company's overall well-being.

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