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Skillbuilding, 3/e
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Skillbuilding: Building Speed & Accuracy On The Keyboard , 3/e

Carole H. Eide
Andrea Holmes Rieck, Renton Technical College
V. Wayne Klemin, Central Washington University---Ellensburg


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Skillbuilding 3.1
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Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard, 3/E by Eide, Rieck, and Klemin brings teaching keyboarding into the Information Age. The Skillbuilding, 3/E software has the ability to assess each student’s strong and weak skill areas. It then gives students practice to improve their weak areas and build on their strengths, followed by a post-test that measures their improvement. With Skillbuilding, 3/E, you can make sure that time spent working with your students is as productive as it can be.

Discover what Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard, 3/E can bring to your classroom:

  1. An established programthat effectively measures student performance and progress
  2. at regular intervals, allowing you to track each student’s progress at a glance.
  3. FREE optional Web-based course management system enables seamless student record-keeping and makes teaching online a breeze.
  4. A Home Study CD-ROM makes learning convenient for students and allows you flexibility in assigning projects.
  5. Additional practice exercises available on the CD-ROM give you more options for homework or in-class assignments.
  6. Course plan outlines for 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute classes save you valuable preparation time.

Table of Contents
  1. Course Entry and Exit
  2. Alphabet Practice
  3. Individual Finger Keys
  4. Word Level Key-stroking Practice
  5. Frequently Used Words Practice
  6. Horizontal/Vertical Reaches Practice
  7. Word Family Practice
  8. Concentration Practice
  9. Frequently Misspelled Words Practice
  10. Alternate Hand Words Practice
  11. Double Letter Words Practice
  12. Right Hand and Left Hand Words Practice
  13. Punctuation Practice
  14. Number Practice
  15. Symbol Practice