The American Vision Volume 1, Alabama Edition

Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny, 1835—1848

Manifest Destiny, 1835-1848

Which invention of 1834 helped western farmers harvest grain more efficiently?
A)the iron-bladed plow
B)the mechanical reaper
C)the hand sickle
D)the wooden plow
Which of the following BEST describes why the Mormons headed west?
A)They wanted to establish a utopian community in the western United States.
B)They wanted to take advantage of the opportunities for land ownership in the West.
C)They wanted to convert Native Americans to Christianity.
D)They wanted to find religious freedom outside the United States.
The Mexican colonization laws of the 1820s did NOT require American emigrants to __________.
A)discontinue trade with the United States
B)become Mexican citizens
C)live under Mexican law
D)convert to Roman Catholicism
In the Battle of San Jacinto, __________ helped Texan soldiers defeat the formidable Mexican army.
A)the cover of night
B)superior weaponry
C)a surprise attack
D)vast military experience
Why did President Andrew Jackson not want to annex Texas?
A)He was not interested in gaining new territories.
B)He was afraid that Texans would inspire a revolution in the United States.
C)He still acknowledged Texas as a colony of Mexico.
D)He did not want to increase tensions between the North and South by admitting Texas as a slave state.
The annexation of Texas was controversial for all the following reasons EXCEPT __________.
A)antislavery leaders in Congress did not want to admit another slave state to the Union
B)Mexico had never acknowledged the independence of Texas
C)the southwestern border of Texas was still in dispute
D)U.S. leaders did not trust the leaders of the independent Republic of Texas
How did the United States acquire Oregon?
A)The United States acquired it after defeating Great Britain in a war.
B)Great Britain split the territory with the United States.
C)The United States purchased it from Great Britain.
D)France sold the territory to the United States.
In the war with Mexico, President Polk’s three-pronged military strategy included plans to capture which territory?
The FINAL step in President Polk’s plan for defeating Mexico called for American forces to __________.
A)capture San Francisco
B)take control of Santa Fe
C)advance on Mexico City
D)take command of San Diego
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo stipulated that Mexico would __________.
A)pay the debts its citizens owed to the United States
B)retain control of valuable ports on the west coast
C)accept the Nueces River as the southwestern border of Texas
D)cede most of the land now known as the United States Southwest
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