Responsible Driving

Chapter 11: Sharing the Roadway with Others

Sharing the Roadway with Others

Select the phrase that best completes each sentence below. Write the letter of the answer you have chosen to the left of each statement.

One way to avoid a collision with an animal at night is to(pg. 231)
A)drive to the right side of the lane.
B)look for red spots caused by the reflection of your headlights off the animal's eyes.
C)always try to steer around it.
D)drive more quickly than usual.
A clue that children may be playing nearby is (pg. 229)
A)parked vehicles on the side of the road.
B)toys in the front yard.
C)a 35-mph-speed sign.
D)all of the above.
Pedestrians jaywalk when they (pg. 228)
A)cross a street without regard for traffic rules or signals.
B)walk along the side of the road.
C)cross the street at a crosswalk.
D)walk in between cars in a parking lot.
When backing up your vehicle where children may be present, (pg. 230)
A)honk your horn before backing.
B)look behind and next to your car first.
C)look in your mirror and back up.
D)do none of the above.
When a school bus has its red lights flashing, (pg. 241)
A)drivers traveling in either direction must stop.
B)drivers traveling behind the bus must stop.
C)stop and then proceed with caution.
D)drivers may pass, but must follow the posted speed limit.
Problems with animals on the roadway is particularly serious during (pg. 231)
A)the afternoon.
B)the hours of sunset and sunrise.
C)rainy days.
D)the winter.
Motorcycles and bicycles are a safety risk because (pg. 232)
A)they are less stable than cars.
B)drivers tend not to look for cyclists.
C)they can easily be in a driver's blind spot.
D)all of the above apply.
After passing a truck, you should not pull in closely in front of it because (pg. 240)
A)you need to have plenty of room between you and the truck in case you have to hit the brakes.
B)you will block the truck driver's view of the road.
C)you could get a ticket for tailgating.
D)all of the above apply.
When driving a small car, you (pg. 238)
A)need less time and space than a larger vehicle to pass another vehicle.
B)have greater visibility than you would in a larger car.
C)need more time and space than a larger vehicle to pass another vehicle.
D)should never pass another car.
Children are at a disadvantage as pedestrians because they are (pg. 228)
A)smaller and less visible than adults to drivers.
B)less capable than adults of judging where it's safe to cross a street.
C)less likely to fully understand the consequences of making a bad judgment.
D)all of the above.
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