Responsible Driving

Chapter 14: Environmental Challenges to Vehicle Control

Environmental Changes

Select the phrase that best completes each sentence below. Write the letter of the answer you have chosen to the left of each statement.

If driving down a long, steep hill in a car with an automatic transmission, (pg. 289)
A)use the brakes to slow down.
B)move the selector to a lower gear to slow down.
C)ease off the pressure on the accelerator to slow down.
D)do all of the above.
If you are driving on a mountain road behind a truck, you need to (pg. 290)
A)pass the truck as soon as you can.
B)blink your lights.
C)increase your following distance.
D)do all of the above.
In driving on mountain roads, the altitude makes ___________ especially dangerous. (pg. 291)
D)all the above
Your car speeds up going down a steep hill because (pg. 289)
A)it takes longer to apply the brakes when going downhill.
B)gravity makes the car go faster.
C)gravity makes the car go faster.
D)all of the above apply.
The first thing to remember to do in a skid is (pg. 292)
A)brake hard.
B)steer in the opposite direction of where you want the car to go.
C)do not brake.
D)none of the above.
Skids can be caused by (pg. 292)
A)reduced traction.
B)driving too fast.
C)changing directions too quickly.
D)all of the above.
A dirty or scratched windshield (pg. 301)
A)decreases glare.
B)increases visibility.
C)increases glare.
D)is illegal.
When driving in bad weather or when visibility is low, you can increase other drivers’ ability to see your vehicle by (pg. 301)
A)turning your high beam headlights on.
B)driving with your parking lights on.
C)driving at the speed limit.
D)driving with your low beam headlights on.
When driving at night, most of the light you need to drive comes from (pg. 301)
B)your vehicle.
D)other vehicles.
Driving too fast in any environment (pg. 304)
A)may reduce your chance of skidding.
B)is safe when roadways are clear of other vehicles.
C)reduces your ability to respond to a situation.
D)is always safe.
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