Introduction to Multimedia

Chapter 5: Operating Systems

Go Online Activity 5.1

Each of the major operating systems and platforms has its strengths and weaknesses. Learn about the similarities and differences between operating systems.

Read the questions below. Then, click on the Destination Site link to open a new browser window. Apply what you learn to answer the questions. Check your work before clicking Submit.

Destination Site: The OS Shootout—Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux

If this link is inactive or if you wish to find other Internet sites with similar information, get permission from your teacher to use a search engine.
Here are some keywords you might use:
Compare operating systems, compare OS, and Mac vs. Windows

Both the Mac and Windows OS support what type of scripting?
Why does the Mac OS software tend to be more reliable to install?
Which operating system has the better selection of development tools, Windows or the Mac?
Which is the least expensive operating system?
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