Understanding Psychology

Chapter 12: Motivation and Emotion

Web Activity Lesson Plans

"Four Three-Legged Racers"

Students have read about how motivation refers to the physical and mental factors that cause us to act in specific ways at specific times. In this exercise, students will research theories of motivation to propose ways in which to motivate a three-legged race team.

Lesson Description
Students will use information from these Web sites to learn about aspects of motivation. Students will review definitions of motivation, examine the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, read about the sources of motivational needs, and examine the theories of motivation. Students will then apply this information by labeling the motivations of each team member of a three-legged race and devising a plan for motivating the team to win.

Instructional Objectives
  1. Students will be able to summarize the theories of motivation and identify sources of motivational needs.
  2. Students will be able to use this knowledge to label the motivations of an imagined team and devise a plan for motivating the team to win a race.
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