Understanding Psychology

Chapter 1: Introducing Psychology

Multiple Choice Quiz

Which of the following is NOT one of the four goals of psychology?
A)to explain behavior
B)to influence behavior
C)to describe behavior
D)to prevent behavior
Which statement about the scientific basis of psychology is MOST accurate?
A)Psychologists state the facts, formulate and test hypotheses, and then propose theories.
B)Psychologists formulate theories and then test their theories with hypotheses.
C)Psychologists who view psychology as an applied science conduct long-term research to discover more about behavior.
D)An example of a psychologist involved in basic science would be a psychologist applying basic psychological principles to the design of a toy that appeals to infants.
Which is the correct order of the scientific method used by psychologists in their studies?
A)identify question, formulate hypothesis, collect data, analyze data
B)analyze data, identify question, formulate hypothesis, collect data
C)collect data, analyze data, identify question, formulate hypothesis
D)formulate hypothesis, identify question, collect data, analyze data
Which of the following statements about the early history of psychology is NOT true?
A)The Greeks, who studied human behavior in the fifth and sixth centuries B.C., determined that people were rational.
B)The scientific discoveries of the Renaissance refined the concept of experimentation through observation.
C)In the seventeenth century, Rene? Descartes promoted the popular idea of dualism, the concept that mind and body are separate and distinct.
D)Wilhelm Wundt created the Laboratory of Psychology in 1879 and is credited with establishing the study of psychology as a separate, formal field of study.
____ is known as the "father of psychology" in the United States.
A)Wilhelm Wundt
B)William James
C)Sir Francis Galton
D)Sigmund Freud
_____ is the study of how sensations are assembled into perceptual experiences.
B)Psychoanalytic psychology
C)Gestalt psychology
D)Behavioral psychology
_____ used the methods of free association and dream analysis to study his patients' unconscious processes.
A)Sigmund Freud
B)Ivan Pavlov
C)Max Wertheimer
D)Sir Francis Galton
Ivan Pavlov's studies involving a dog and a tuning fork led to the behavioral known as a result of ____.
D)classical conditioning
Humanists describe human nature as ____.
A)the result of inheritable traits
B)evolving and self-directed
C)the result of learning, remembering, and social interactions
D)the result of our physiological makeup
Which of the following is NOT true about professional psychologists?
A)About half of all psychologists are clinical psychologists.
B)Developmental psychologists study the interaction between physical and psychological health factors.
C)Counseling psychologists work in schools or industrial firms advising people on problems of everyday life.
D)Environmental psychologists study the effects of the environment on people.
All of the following are activities of the psychologist EXCEPT ____.
A)explaining behavior
B)administering and interpreting personality tests
D)prescribing medication
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