Understanding Psychology

Chapter 1: Introducing Psychology

Student Web Activites

"Careers in Psychology"

Psychology, the science concerned with understanding behavior, has only been practiced for about 125 years. Nevertheless, psychologists have made important scientific contributions addressing many of the world's most pressing problems: deteriorating family relationships, violence at home and in the street, drug addiction, and self-esteem issues. In the years to come, psychologists working in many different capacities will continue to contribute to society in significant ways. Learn more about careers in psychology by visiting the Web sites below.

Web sites
Psychology/Careers for the Twenty-first Century
Visit this site to help answer questions about educational requirements and what working in psychology is like.

Career Opportunities in Psychology
Review this site to view a list of careers and courses associated with the study of psychology.

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Write a newspaper help-wanted advertisement for one of the careers you learned about. List the job title, and describe the nature of the work, the work environment, and schooling required.

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