Understanding Psychology

Chapter 5: Adulthood and Old Age

Student Web Activites

"Postpone Aging"

Statistics tell us that people are living decades longer than at the turn of the century, but is it possible that we could live to be a healthy 150 years old? For years scientists and psychologists have been studying the aging process and its effects, and now current research has begun to provide us with some answers to how aging actually happens. Find out if aging is something that you can put off until later surfing through these Web sites.

Web sites
Find out why people are living healthier longer with fewer disabilities and why the trend is likely to continue at this MSNBC special report.

Living to 100
Use this fun life expectancy calculator to see how old you will live to be. This will help you with the activity below.

National Institute on Aging
Skim through this statement read before the United States Senate on aging and longevity research.

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window. Need help using your browser for this activity? Click here for tips.

You learned in this chapter that your present habits will contribute to the status of your health in old age. Go to the "life expectancy calculator" topic on the MSNBC site to determine your projected life expectancy. Assuming you are 20 and retaining current lifestyle, calculate your life expectancy. Next, modify certain factors to see how changing some habits can impact your life span. On a separate sheet of paper, describe your initial results, your modified results, and any changes that could make you healthier in old age.

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