Understanding Psychology

Chapter 6: Body and Behavior

Student Web Activites

"Protect Your Brain"

In this chapter you learned that the brain is responsible for not only controlling your thinking processes and your basic processes of life, but it also gives you your emotions and motivations. Your brain is the center of your personality. When a person experiences traumatic injury to the brain, changes can occur in physical, communication, and cognitive abilities. Sometimes, a trauma victim's entire character can change. To understand just how important the brain and its intricate processes are to our identity and mobility, go to these Web sites for information about the brain's response to traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Web sites
Centre for Neuro Skills/TBI Resource Guide
Find out how brain injuries can change people's personalities by clicking through this informative Web site.

Think First!
Read what you can do to protect yourself from brain injuries when involved in sports and recreation activities and other common daily events.

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window. Need help using your browser for this activity? Click here for tips.

Using what you have learned, prepare a pamphlet that convinces people to wear helmets while bicycling or skating. Persuade your audience by describing what happens to the brain during accidents and the symptoms of traumatic brain injury.

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