Understanding Psychology

Chapter 13: Psychological Testing

Multiple Choice Quiz

Which of the following is NOT a way of measuring a test's reliability?
A)determining its inter-scorer reliability
B)evaluating it predictive value
C)measuring its split-half reliability
D)assessing its test-retest reliability
A test is standardized if it ____.
A)is administered and scored the same way each time and it establishes norms
B)test administrators follow their own general methods in presenting and scoring the test
C)measures what is intended to measure
D)it yields the same result under a variety of circumstances
According to Howard Gardner, people who do well on multiple choice tests exhibit ____
A)g intelligence
B)analytical thinking skills
C)logical-mathematical reasoning skills
D)practical thinking
Each of the following statements about the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale is true EXCEPT ____.
A)Scoring assumes that intelligence increases with age.
B)If you score 100, you have done better than all other test takers in your age group.
C)The IQ is computed by multiplying a child's mental age by chronological age and multiplying by 100.
D)Test scores for several abilities are now reported instead of one general score.
The SAT was designed to predict a student's success in college, and is an example of an ____ test.
D)American College
Which type of test tries to help people plan their careers?
Which of the following statements about the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is NOT TRUE?
A)MMPI is one of the most widely used tests for general personality assessment.
B)A psychologist hands ink blots to the test taker, and asks the person what he or she sees.
C)The test is organized to reveal habits, fears, delusions, and sexual attitudes.
D)Most psychologists believe that scores on the MMPI should be confirmed with interviews and observation.
Which of the following is NOT one of the uses of personality tests?
A)measuring traits such as responsibility, self-control, and tolerance
B)measuring how much a person has learned in certain area
C)predict how a person might behave in the future
D)identify problems and psychological disorders
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