Understanding Psychology

Chapter 13: Psychological Testing

Student Web Activites

"What is Your IQ?"

Can a timed test, administered with pencil and paper, measure your intelligence? As you learned in this chapter, psychologists strongly debate the accuracy of intelligence testing. While research in this field continues, some researchers doubt that we could ever measure the complexities of intelligence. At these Web sites, you can read about differing views on intelligence testing and the changes and challenges IQ testing faces today.

Web sites
Monitor on Psychology
How should intelligence tests be administered? Read through this Web site to see what ideas and changes are being made to tests.

IQ Test
Take this free online IQ test to see how you feel about your intelligence. Also read the description of an IQ test and how your intelligence is defined.

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Unhappy with standard testing, Sternberg developed an alternative test, the STAT, which some day may serve as a supplement to the SAT. On a separate sheet of paper, list ways in which testing for creative and practical skills could be added to the SAT.

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