Understanding Psychology

Chapter 15: Stress and Health

Student Web Activites

"Stressed Out?"

As you learned in this chapter, college students can feel stress from the decisions and changes that they face. Being away from home, worrying about grades, and feeling insecure can seem overwhelming for some. Luckily, colleges know that stress affects every student, and administrators on-campus counseling centers are available to help students who are having trouble coping. Some colleges even have online counseling services, such as virtual pamphlets, that students can browse for help. There are several pamphlets online, and some of them give tips on how to balance stress.

Web sites

Managing Stress in College
Browse this self-help guide for college students, making sure to review the coping strategies.

Managing Stress in College
Read about the expert's advice on how to handle stress in college. Make sure to click through the "College Life: What to Expect" article to see what they have to say for future students

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As you have read the information in these Web sites, you've no doubt recognized patterns of stress that high school students share with college students. On a poster board, design a collage that suggests ways that students in your school can manage stress. Display your posters outside the classroom to give other students ideas to consider.

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