Understanding Psychology

Chapter 16: Psychological Disorders

Multiple Choice Quiz

The most accurate description of psychological disorder is ____.
A)when people's psychological processes break down and they can no longer function on a daily basis
B)mental illness
C)behavior that deviates from that of the majority of people
Psychologists distinguish abnormal behavior from normal behavior by looking at all the following factors EXCEPT ____.
C)psychological health
D)actions that are not understood
Which is NOT a characteristic of anxiety disorders?
A)feelings of personal inadequacy
B)difficulty using language to communicate
C)avoidance of problems
D)constant worrying
Research suggests that all the following may cause anxiety disorders EXCEPT ____.
A)learned behavior
C)excess dopamine
Which of the following statements about somatoform and dissociative disorders is TRUE?
A)Sigmund Freud used the term hysteria to describe dissociative disorder.
B)People with conversion disorders experience loss of physical functioning even though there is no physical damage to their bodies.
C)Hypochondriasis is an example of a dissociative disorder.
D)Dissociative identity disorder is amnesia coupled with active flight to a different environment.
Which of the following statements about schizophrenia is NOT TRUE?
A)Research suggests that schizophrenia is caused by genetic, environmental, and biochemical factors.
B)To a great extent, a person with schizophrenia loses contact with reality.
C)People with schizophrenia may display impaired movement and inappropriate emotions.
D)Schizophrenia affects 1 in 1,000 people worldwide.
____ is a type of mood disorder in which individuals experience manic and depressive episodes.
A)bipolar disorder
B)major depressive disorder
C)antisocial personality
Which of the following characterizes people with personality disorders?
A)acute anxiety
B)no sense of reality
C)the inability to establish meaningful relationships
Drug abuse is a psychological problem because ____.
A)users become dependent on drugs to maintain their sense of well-being
B)users can become physically addictive
C)users can develop tolerance to drugs
D)withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person
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