Understanding Psychology

Chapter 18: Individual Interaction

Multiple Choice Quiz

Which of the following reasons for seeking friendships is NOT TRUE?
A)friendships help us reduce uncertainty
B)friends satisfy our basic needs of praise, respect, love, and affection
C)having friends means you will be happy
D)friendships provide support
We choose friends who are cooperative and helpful based on their ____ value.
Which statement about first impressions is NOT TRUE?
A)Forming first impressions is a passive process.
B)We use schemas, sets of assumptions about groups of people, to form first impressions.
C)First impressions sometimes become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
D)Your first impression of someone is usually based on that person's physical appearance.
Which of the following is NOT an example of a self-serving bias?
A)"The other team won because they played smarter than we did."
B)"I got a ticket for speeding because the police officer was in a bad mood."
C)"I couldn't concentrate on the exam because everyone else was talking."
D)"I lost the talent competition because the winner's dad knows the judge."
Which of the following statements about parent-adolescent conflict is NOT TRUE?
A)Generational identities tend to make parents and adolescents think about things differently.
B)Conflicts may arise as a result of a changing parent-child relationship.
C)Generational identities automatically lead to parent-child conflict.
D)We learn how to manipulate others to have our needs met through the parent-child relationship.
A healthy adjustment to marriage depends on all of the following EXCEPT ______.
A)whether their individual needs are met
B)whether the couple's needs are compatible
C)whether the couple's images of themselves coincide with their images of each other
D)whether they agree on their individual roles
____ is the term used to describe the kind of love that people feel for their friends.
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