Understanding Psychology

Chapter 18: Individual Interaction

Student Web Activites

"Coping With Divorce"

When parents divorce, the effects of their separation is felt by all family members. As you learned in this chapter, divorces are on the rise and it is quite possible that someone you know will have to contend with the breakup of a marriage. Families can be better prepared for the changes that accompany separation if they understand that divorce affects the entire family and that family members' reactions to the divorce will vary. As you visit these Web sites, you can learn strategies that can help families cope with divorce.

Web sites
Focus on Kids: The Effects of Divorce on Children
Learn strategies that can help families cope with divorce at this informative Web site.

Helping Children Understand Divorce
This Web site discusses ways to talk with children at all ages about divorce and how to cope with their feelings.

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Imagine you have a friend whose parents are divorcing, and she has asked for your advice. She is feeling angry, and her six-year-old brother is having trouble sleeping. On a separate sheet of paper, write a letter to your friend informing her of some strategies that could help her family cope with the divorce.

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