Understanding Psychology

Chapter 20: Attitudes and Social Influence

Student Web Activites

"Major Influences"

As you learned in this chapter, we use our attitudes to define our self-concept, evaluate others, and interpret our environment. Our attitudes are formed through conditioning, observational learning, and cognitive evaluation. Attitudes can lead to prejudice, discrimination, and self-fulfilling prophecies. Activities like watching TV, listening to a new song on the radio, and chatting on the phone with your best friend can influence your attitude about any topic on your mind that day. As you read through these Web sites, think about how you might be influenced by others' attitudes and persuasions.

Web sites
Working Psychology
Review some descriptions of social influences and how they apply in your everyday life.

Teenagers Today – Give Me a Beat
See how the music industry might influence your sense of style.

Media Effects on Kids: Music and Videos
Do music and videos influence behavior? Read some instances that are believed to have had this affect on an audience.

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These Web sites describe several examples of influences made on teenagers today. Imagine that you are a sales executive for a top company in New York City selling your company's best product. You are about to give a huge sales presentation to a group of clients. Create a poster, commercial skit, or music jingle that you are pitching to these clients to try to convince them to buy your product by influencing and persuading them. Use magazine articles and current TV ads to help you get ideas. Write a report after your presentation - what did or did not work in your persuasion?

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