Understanding Psychology

Chapter 21: Psychology: Present and Future

Multiple Choice Quiz

Which of psychology's contributions is considered the most significant?
A)the development of forms of professional helping
B)the research of issues involving our everyday living
C)the devising of educational testing programs
D)the improvement of learning
Which of the following statements about psychology's role in everyday living is NOT TRUE?
A)Researchers have provided us with data about the effects of day care on children.
B)The ideas generated by psychological research have enhanced computer gaming technology.
C)Since people are living longer and healthier, the need for psychological research on aging is expected to decline.
D)One psychologist's work led to the idea that the attachment of children to their caregivers is made stronger by physical contact.
The New York Yankees might use ____ to help them select the best managers for their company.
A)sports psychology
B)industrial/organizational psychology
C)forensic psychology
Which of the following MOST ACCURATELY describes how we can pinpoint the future challenges of psychology?
A)by considering past and present research
B)by analyzing present research, trends of age in the population, killers of the population, and trends of violence
C)by analyzing the effects of violence and aggression in our society
D)by considering past and present research and trends of violence in our society
Which of the following is NOT a requirement for becoming a school psychologist?
B)high school diploma
C)master's degree
D)bachelor's degree
One of the several jobs that a ____ can perform is offering group therapy or consultation to a therapeutic organization.
A)physiological psychologist
B)clinical psychologist
C)clinical psychologist
D)industrial/organizational psychologist
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