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Study Outline and Workbook In The Fundamentals of Music, 11/e

Frank W. Hill
Roland Searight
Dorothy Searight
Steven Estrella

ISBN: 0697340635
Copyright year: 2005

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Staves, Pitches, Clefs, and Keyboards

Chapter 2: Notes, Scales, and Key Signatures

Chapter 3: More Scales and Key Signatures

Chapter 4: Rhythm Notation

Chapter 5: Meter

Chapter 6: Reading Rhythm

Chapter 7: Intervals

Chapter 8: Chords

Chapter 9: Melody and Harmony

Chapter 10: Composition

Appendix 1: Terms Describing Tempo, Dynamics, and Mood

Appendix 2: Song Supplement

Appendix 3: Guitar Chords

Appendix 4: Playing Melodies on the Soprano Recorder

Appendix 5: Glossary of Music Terms


Hill 11e Book Cover

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