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Editing for Clear Communication, 2/e
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Editing in the Age of Information
Lieb: Editing for Clear Communication

Editing Exercises

Additional editing exercises for this chapter are provided below. To get started, click each link to download it in Microsoft Word Document format. (With Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may need to right-click on these links and choose 'save target as' to save the files to disk.) Then print out the document and follow the instructions.

Exercise 1.1 - Abbreviations and Acronyms (20.0K)
Exercise 1.2 - Capitalization (19.0K)
Exercise 1.3 - Numerals (20.0K)
Exercise 1.4 - Style Errors (19.0K)
Exercise 1.5 - Spelling (20.0K)
Exercise 1.6 - Spelling (21.0K)