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Philosophy: The Power of Ideas
Philosophy: The Power of Ideas, 5/e
Brooke Moore
Kenneth Bruder

An Era of Suspicion


Claude Levi-Strauss  French anthropologist who adapted and applied Saussure's structuralist approach to ethnographic research.
Critical theory  A philosophical method that seeks to provide a radical critique of knowledge by taking into account the situation and interests involved.
Ding-an-sich  German for "thing-in-itself" a thing as it is independent of any consciousness of it.
Ferdinand de Saussure  Swiss thinker who laid the foundations for modern linguistics.
Hermeneutics  Interpretive understanding that seeks systematically to access the essence of things.
Jacques Derrida  Influential French deconstructionist.
Jurgen Habermas  One of the major German contributors to critical theory.
Logical positivism  The philosophy of the Vienna Circle, according to which any purported statement of fact, if not a verbal truism, is meaningless unless certain conceivable observations would serve to conform or deny it.
Michel Foucault  French philosopher who provided a critique of conventional social attitudes regarding madness and sexuality.
Richard Rorty  American philosopher who interprets Continental philosophy through a pragmatic perspective.