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Philosophy: The Power of Ideas
Philosophy: The Power of Ideas, 5/e
Brooke Moore
Kenneth Bruder

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Chapter 1: Powerful Ideas
Chapter 2: The Pre-Socratics
Chapter 3: Socrates, Plato
Chapter 4: Aristotle
Chapter 5: Philosophers of the Hellenistic and Christian Eras
Chapter 6: The Rise of Modern Metaphysics and Epistemology
Chapter 7: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Chapter 8: The Continental Tradition
Chapter 9: The Pragmatic and Analytic Traditions
Chapter 10: Moral Philosophy
Chapter 11: Political Philosophy
Chapter 12: Recent Moral and Political Philosophy
Chapter 13: Philosophy and Belief in God
Chapter 14: Feminist Philosophy
Chapter 15: An Era of Suspicion
Chapter 16: Eastern Influences
Chapter 17: Postcolonial Thought