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The New Testament Cover Image
The New Testament, 4/e
Stephen Harris, California State University - Sacramento

An Overview of the New Testament

Web Links

The Virtual Religion Index

Maintained by Rutgers University Department of Religion, this Web site is an excellent gateway for the student interested in studying the variety of religious life in world cultures. Students interested in various scriptures of the world will find links to a variety of sources that provide online versions of the scriptures..
World Scripture

A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts--This Web site, maintained by the Unification Church, includes quotes from the sacred scriptures of many different world religions arranged by topic.Ï
The Internet Sacred Texts Archive

This is an outstanding collection of sacred books from a wide variety of religions both east and west.
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

This Web site is one of several important gateway sites dealing with New Testament literature, history, and culture. These gateway sites contain extensive "webliographies" to aid students in doing online research in the study of the New Testament.
K. C. Hanson's Home Page

Another gateway site for studying the literature and culture of the world of the Bible.
The Gnosis Archive

Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition--This site is a comprehensive collection of all things related to the ancient religion of Gnosticism and its modern counterparts.‰
The New Testament Gateway

This is one of the most extensive directories of web resources on New Testament studies on the internet.
The Septuagint

Theological and Academic Resources for the Study of the Septuagint and Old Greek Versions--This is a gateway site with links to all aspects of the study of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament used by Jews and Christians of the Hellenistic period.Ï
The New Testament and Its Context

This is the Web site for a course on the New Testament taught at Atlantic Baptist University. It includes a number of maps, images, and summaries of topics on the study of the New Testament that will give beginning students a good idea of the breadth of the literature found within the New Testament documents.‰
The Bible: The Book That Bridges the Millennia

This is an outstanding online introduction to biblical literature and interpretation prepared by the Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church. It does a remarkable job of surveying scholarly information about the history and interpretation of the Bible using language directed at a general lay audience.‰