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The New Testament Cover Image
The New Testament, 4/e
Stephen Harris, California State University - Sacramento

How the New Testament Was Formed and Handed Down to Us

Web Links

The Development of the Canon of the New Testament

This extensive Web site surveys the important persons, events, and processes that influenced the development of the New Testament canon. This is an excellent resource for further research on many of the concepts discussed in Chapter 2 of the textbook.
Biblical Canons

Part of the very extensive Bible introduction Web site maintained by the Women's Division of the General Board of Gobal Ministries of the United Methodist Church. An excellent Web site for any beginning Bible student.
The New Testament Canon

An excellent article from Britannica Online.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

church fathers, important classics in the history of Christian literature, an online study Bible, and an online encyclopedia of Christianity.
The Bible Gateway

This site allows users to look up Bible passages from a wide variety of translations, search for a word or phrase across translations, or look up a passage in a variety of translations at once. This is an excellent tool for becoming familiar with the translation tendencies of different Bible versions.
The Online Bible

Another Web site featuring downloadable biblical and theological texts. These texts come with a downloadable program for viewing and searching the texts.
The Center for Marcionite Research

This Web site is maintained by a network of writers devoted to the thought of the ancient Christian heretic Marcion.
The Bible Versions and Translations Search Page

This Web site, part of Mark Goodacre's New Testament Gateway, allows users to search a variety of online Bible sites for one single Bible passage.