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Experiencing the World's Religions, 2/e
Michael Molloy

Understanding Religion

World Religion Links

Internet Resources

Academic Info on Religion

This site offers descriptions of and links to many religious studies web pages.

AllFaiths Press®

Find short descriptions, including founders and sects, of eleven different religions.

American Academy of Religion: Other Online Resources

Find information about other resources offered by the American Academy of Religion, including an online search.

The American Religion Experience

An online collaboration of religious studies professors. This site offers essays, book reviews, and an internet history course.

Electronic Texts

Provides links to religious studies texts, from a searchable Bible to the Confucian Doctrine of the Mean

Exploring Religions

Learn about world religions through extensive homepages for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

McGill FRS Guide to Religious Studies Resources on the Internet

A selected index of religious studies sites, texts, archives, and journals, arranged by subject.

Religious Studies Web Guide

Collection of links to religious studies artwork, photographs, and other images.

Internet Resources for World Art

American Visions

Learn about the eight-part television series, American Visions, Robert Hughs' view of America as seen through its art. This site offers a gallery of important American artworks, as well as commentary and explanations.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

View selected pieces of the museum collection, and find out more about exhibitions and cultural programs.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Find information on the history and architecture of Centre Georges Pompidou, as well as the hours, phone numbers, and departments of the museum.

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

A complete guide to San Francisco fine arts museums; view artworks, learn about exhibitions, and get information on visiting.

Florence Art Guide

Easy to navigate online guide through the monuments, historic periods, artists, and artworks of Florence, Italy

Giverny (Monet's gardens)

Explore the gardens, museums, castles, and archeological sites of Giverny and Vernon, the "Heart of Impressionism." This site also offers information on Monet (a resident of Giverny for 43 years), as well as hotels and transportation for tourists.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Get information on the Guggenheim Museum, located in Northern Spain, and dedicated to American and European art of the 20th century. Learn about its 3-year history, its current projects, and the surrounding city of Bilbao

Hellenic Ministry of Culture's Guide to Athens

Tour through Athens via an online map; click on an icon and discover more about Greek museums and monuments.

Kyoto National Museum

Learn about the East Asian collection, exhibitions, and events offered by Kyoto National Museum, one of Japan's three main national museums. Also navigate through famous East Asian works using the museum dictionary.

The Louvre

Gain access to the France's famous Musee du Louvre; learn about its history, latest news, and collections, or view selected pieces through an online virtual tour.

Museum of Modern Art

This site offers information about New York City's MoMA; learn about current exhibitions, view works from their collection, or read through the museum's extensive history and ongoing expansion.

The Smithsonian

Find information on the Smithsonian Institution, its museums, affiliations, outreach and research programs, and publications. Plan a visit, view selected pieces, or read about new exhibitions.

Uffizi Gallery

Visit the official Web Server of Florence's Galleria delgi Uffizi; learn about its history, get current news, or find out what pieces and artists the gallery features.

World Wide Web Virtual Library/Museums

Tour through a list of the world's museums and libraries, organized by country; link to countless official sites, or search the system.