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Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach, Fifth Edition Book Cover
Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach, 5/e
Kenneth S. Bordens, Indiana University/Purdue University - Fort Wayne
Bruce Barrington Abbott, Indiana University/Purdue University

Literature Search

Tips on Doing Literature Searches

The American Psychological Association has a nice document on how to efficiently do literature searches. You might want to take a look at this site: The APA also has a document on using PsycInfo:

Accessing University Libraries

In addition to the databases outlined in your text that may be available from your university library, the Internet offers a variety of literature search resources. Many academic libraries allow access to their facilities via the Internet. You can access materials from these libraries by doing a search on and entering the keyword "academic libraries" in the search box. Then select the specific library you would like to work with. Follow the instructions on how to gain access to that library's resources. Remember, not all libraries will all you free access.

An excellent general library resource is the Vaughan Memorial Library of Acadia University where you will find a wide range of online library resources to help you track down research. Try this one out, it is worth the trip.

Doing a Literature Search Online

The CARL database system gives you a way to search the literature on-line. At the CARL database of over 17,000 multidisciplinary journals may be accessed. To use CARL do the following:

Click on "Search the Uncover Database" and the following screen will load:

You may elect to create a profile to personlize search parameters, or to create an "Access" account to bill document delivery to. It is also possible to search as a guest by clicking the "Search Uncover Now".

There is another useful journal database system that includes a database of journals and a way to search for articles. The article search system is not as good as PsycLit or CARL. It searches for keywords in the titles of articles of tables of contents included on the Internet. In a pinch it is worth considering: http://www/

Online Journals

A new service becoming more prevalent on the Internet is the providing of the full text of academic journals online. You may need to subscribe to a journal to get full access. At minimum most journals provide tables of contents for present and past volumes. Here are many of the psychology specific online journals that offer full text articles over the Internet. There are several Internet sites that will give you access to psychological journals online. Here are a few of them:

Electronic Journals and Periodicals provides a listing and an alphabetical index to online journals:

Psych Web gives a comprehensive listing of online journals. There is an index broken down into groups of journals:

Rhodes Psychology Resources is another site where you can find a comprehensive list of psychological journals: