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Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America, 4/e
Brian Strong, University of California, Santa Cruz
Barbara Werner Sayad, California State University, Monterey Bay
Christine DeVault, Cabrillo College
William Yarber, Indiana University

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Chapter 1: Perspectives on Human Sexuality
Chapter 2: Studying Human Sexuality
Chapter 3: Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response
Chapter 4: Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response
Chapter 5: Gender and Gender Roles
Chapter 6: Sexuality Over the Life Span
Chapter 7: Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality
Chapter 8: Communicating about Sex
Chapter 9: Sexual Expression
Chapter 10: Atypical and Paraphilic Sexual Behavior
Chapter 11: Contraception and Birth Control
Chapter 12: Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
Chapter 13: The Sexual Body in Health and Illness
Chapter 14: Sexual Enhancement and Therapy
Chapter 15: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chapter 16: HIV and AIDS
Chapter 17: Sexual Coercion: Harassment, Aggression, and Abuse
Chapter 18: Commercial Sex: Sexually Oriented Material and Prostitution