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Behavioral Statistics in Action Book Cover Image
Behavioral Statistics in Action, 3/e
Mark W. Vernoy, Palomar College
Diana J. Kyle, Fullerton College

Welcome! This Online Learning Center is designed to assist both instructors and students. Our goal is to provide resources for instructors and to provide a rich learning environment to help students achieve success in their Introductory Statistics class.

Instructors will find useful resources in our Instructor Center, including an online instructor's manual, power point slides, and web links. PageOut, WebCT and Blackboard are also available.

In the Student Center, each chapter is organized as a separate study unit consisting of learning objectives, visual summaries, quizzes, practice problems, Internet activities, and more. Most of these pages are presented in both web and PDF formats. Thus, students have the flexibility of studying online, in the cafeteria, during class breaks, before class, or anywhere... even the beach.

In addition, helpful study strategies, including time management resources, are located in Tips to Succeed. You'll find extra web resources about statistics used in the media, links to online calculators and other statistics topics in the Link Library.

If you are new to the Internet, your college library may have handouts about the basics of Internet use or you may want to use our Internet Primer. We also offer a Statistics Primer, Study Skill Primer, and an Electronic Research Guide.

Once again, welcome to the Online Learning Center for Behavioral Statistics in Action. We hope these resources will be useful to both student and instructor. And as always, we appreciate your feedback and your suggestions to improve this Online Learning Center.

Diana Kyle and Mark Vernoy