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The Philosophical Journey, 2/e
William Lawhead, The University of Mississippi

The Search for Ultimate Reality
Overview of Metaphysics

Multiple Choice Quiz


Which of the following best describes a metaphysical monist?
A)someone who believes in the existence of one God
B)someone who believes in the existence of only one kind of reality
C)someone who believes in the existence of physical reality and spiritual reality
D)someone who believes in the existence of only physical reality

In the context of metaphysics an idealist is someone who fits which of the following descriptions?
A)She believes that reality is entirely mental or spiritual in nature.
B)She is very optimistic about the future.
C)She believes that reality is entirely physical in nature.
D)She is a visionary.

A metaphysician would be least likely to study
A)the nature of ultimate reality
B)the relative contribution of the senses and reason to our knowledge
C)the mind-body problem
D)freedom and determinism

Which of the questions listed here captures the central focus of ontology?
A)Could a computer think?
B)What's the fundamental source of our knowledge?
C)What is most fundamentally real?
D)Is there an afterlife?

Which of the categories below is not one of the groupings into which every metaphysical theory attempts to lump things, according to your text?
A)things that are fundamentally real
B)things that are not real
C)realities that can be reduced to more fundamental realities
D)ways of apprehending objects