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The Philosophical Journey, 2/e
William Lawhead, The University of Mississippi

The Search for God
The Problem of Evil: Atheistic and Theistic Responses

Multiple Choice


The problem of evil is most accurately characterized as the difficulty of reconciling
A)the existence of moral evil with the existence of natural evil
B)the existence of theism with the existence of atheism
C)the existence of suffering with the existence of God
D)the free will defense with the natural order defense

A theodicy is best described as
A)a type of argument against God's existence based on the presence of evil in the world
B)a leap of faith
C)a justification for God's permitting evil to exist
D)a religious pilgrimage

Which of the following is not a response to the problem of evil that has been made by theists?
A)the greater goods defense
B)the methodological skepticism defense
C)the natural order defense
D)the free will defense

Which of the sorts of evil listed here does the free will defense seek to explain?
A)just moral evil
B)just natural evil
C)just supernatural evil
D)both moral and natural evil

Which of the following claims would be accepted by a supporter of the greater goods defense?
A)Some evils are necessary to achieving certain good ends.
B)The good that is achieved in the world outweighs the evil.
C)The same or greater amount of good in the world could not have been attained by any means that did not involve the presence of these evils.
D)All of the above