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Quizzes Without Consequences
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MULTIPLE CHOICE More than one answer may be correct for each multiple choice question. Your instructor may choose only one-answer multiple choice questions for the actual exams, but the multiple answer format provides excellent preparation for the tests with consequences. This format eliminates much of the guesswork and requires precise knowledge. There's no process of elimination in which answers can be ignored (i.e., if the correct answer is a, answers b, c, and d don't need to be read at all). You receive credit for every correct answer and you get dinged for every incorrect answer.


TRUE/FALSE This portion of the Quizzes Without Consequences follows a standard format. Your only choices are True or False. Nevertheless, for each answer, especially the false ones, formulate in your mind an explanation for each answer chosen.


PLEASE NOTE: Consult the appropriate chapter in the text for explanations of the answers to these quiz questions.


"Communication is transactional" means that
A)there is no channel and no noise when communicating
B)there is no field of experience when communicating
C)your communication with others involves both content and relationship dimensions of messages
D)you are the sender and your partner is the receiver of a message

Sensitivity is part of the communication competence model. It refers to
A)picking up and comprehending signals from your partner that she is angry with you for watching a football game with friends instead of shopping for a new refrigerator
B)making a strong investment in making your relationship work
C)being honest in all of your communication with others
D)being mindful about your communication and that of others

The We-not-Me orientation of the communication competence model means that
A)your romantic partner never makes sacrifices for you
B)the well-being of your relationship with your partner is more important than your independence to do whatever you wish
C)when your goal to spend time hiking in Yellowstone clashes with your family's goal to spend time together at the beach tossing a frisbee and watching the family dog chase seagulls, the family goal will usually receive priority
D)a collection of individuals doesn't function as a group at all if the members are more interested in individual accomplishment than group achievement

The interactive model of communication has the following weaknesses
A)it assumes sending and receiving are separate, not simultaneous activities
B)it doesn't include feedback
C)it doesn't include noise
D)it doesn't include fields of experience

Noise from a communication perspective includes
A)an irritating cackling laugh from a person at a table next to yours when you're conducting a conversation with a friend
B)prejudice against a speaker's ethnicity
C)offensive word choices during an interview
D)feeling nauseated before speaking

Appropriateness in communication is determined by
A)the effectiveness of the communication
B)considering the context of the communication
C)applying rules associated with each context
D)applying your own culture's rules for communication to all cultures

Fields of experience refer to
D)personal events of our lives

The story of Genie demonstrates that
A)language can be learned at any time after one year old
B)after age 6, if language has not been learned, it is very difficult to do so
C)after puberty, if language has not been learned, it is virtually hopeless that the child will ever become proficient with a language
D)extreme social isolation has a significant effect on language learning of children

Individuals in the United States typically believe that they personally are
A)less proficient communicators than most other people
B)effective communicators
C)good listeners
D)good public speakers

Psychological noise is, among other things,
B)obscene words
C)dry mouth
D)prejudice towards gays

A person's communication competence is situational. A person might be proficient in one situation, but deficient in another situation.

Your communication can be effective without being appropriate.

The relationship dimension of messages is the information communicated.

More communication is always better communication, because one of the most significant problems in relationships is the refusal to communicate with each other.

Rules should be followed without deviation if you want to be a competent communicator.

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