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Core Concepts in Health, Brief Cover Image
Core Concepts in Health Brief, 9/e
Paul M. Insel, Stanford University, School of Medicine
Walton T. Roth, Stanford University, School of Medicine

Exercise for Health and Fitness

Internet Exercises

Designing Your Exercise Program (p. 221 in your text)

Internet Activity 10-1 Fitness Profile

    Complete a general online profile of your current fitness level and exercise habits.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Exercises (p. 223 in your text)

Internet Activity 10-2 Finding Information on CRE Activities(WW)

    Search for and evaluate online resources for a CRE activity that you're considering for your personal fitness program.

Putting It All Together (p. 228 in your text)

Internet Activity 10-3 Fitness Assessment and Program Planning

    Evaluate an online resource for assessing current fitness levels and planning a fitness program.

    (WW) indicates an activity that is also found in the Wellness Worksheets.