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Contemporary's GED Science
Robert Mitchell

Comprehending and Applying Science

Chapter Review Quiz


Choose the best answer to each question. You may refer to pages 49–66 in Contemporary’s GED Science if you need additional help. When you have finished the quiz, click on Submit Answers to receive feedback and results. You may also choose to e-mail your results to your instructor.


Which of the following is true about the main idea of a passage?
Need a Hint?
A)The main idea is always the first sentence in a passage.
B)The main idea is never the first sentence in a passage.
C)The main idea is always written as a single sentence.
D)The main idea is never written as a single sentence.
E)The main idea is the key point made in a passage.

What is the best restatement of the following information?

No effective medicines have been invented that can protect humans from the most common type of winter respiratory ailment.
Need a Hint?
A)The cure for the common cold will soon be discovered.
B)There is no cure for the common cold.
C)Smoking is bad for the lungs.
D)Vitamin C is the best treatment for the common cold.
E)The common cold is the most easily spread of viruses that afflict millions of people each winter.

What is implied in the following statement?

Evolution might explain apes, but I don't see how it explains human beings!
Need a Hint?
A)Apes and human beings are biologically related.
B)Apes evolved before human beings evolved.
C)Evolution does not apply to apes or to human beings.
D)Human beings are much more complex animals than apes.
E)Human beings may have once evolved, but that evolution is no longer taking place.

What might the reader infer when reading the following statement?

Nuclear power is more efficient and less expensive than any other known power source.
Need a Hint?
A)Nuclear power is a safe form of power.
B)Nuclear power has been used safely in all industrialized countries of the world.
C)There have been several major nuclear power plant accidents.
D)Fossil fuel plants create dangerous levels of air pollution.
E)Solar power is a major energy source at the present time.

Which of the following is an application of the following principle?

A biological system reacts in a way that keeps itself in equilibrium (a constant state).
Need a Hint?
A)A baby doubles in weight during the first month of life.
B)Mr. Alander decides to stay up late and watch a movie.
C)Jeraldine sweats when she jogs.
D)A tree falls over in a storm.
E)A dog barks when it sees another dog.

Of the following animals, which one would biologists say is most closely related to an ant?
Need a Hint?
A)a turtle
B)a horse
C)a shark
D)a bee
E)a snake

What is a predator?
Need a Hint?
A)an animal that hunts, kills, and eats other animals
B)an animal that is hunted and killed by another animal
C)an animal with protective coloration
D)an animal that lives in a social group
E)an animal that has more than one offspring during each pregnancy

What name is given to the annual trip taken by gray whales when they swim from their winter calving lagoons off the coast of Mexico to their summer feeding areas off the coast of Alaska?
Need a Hint?